About Sns

SNS, a family-owned business, was founded by a salon owner with 30 years’ experience in the nail beauty industry. His passion was to constantly improve the quality of life for his customers — and that remains the mission of SNS today.


The challenge for women everywhere is the same: how to enjoy maximum beauty without harm to health. SNS is the first company in the nail industry to create a successful solution.


In 1990, the company introduced a breakthrough innovation: SNS Dipping Powders. With the powders came a base that is packed with nutrients —vitamins A, E, D, E and B5, plus calcium. The effect is dramatic. Instead of causing harm to the nail bed, every use of the new formula actually improves its health!

As for everyday wear, the nails become super-strong, with a durable surface that lasts a full two weeks.

Health is half the story. The other half is beauty. SNS launched a growing choice of dazzling colors, all produced in a unique system that gives nails a stunningly rich and radiant surface.


Following the same path, SNS has now introduced an entirely new gel product. It’s formulated to be healthier for the nails than conventional gels. Once again, SNS scientists focused on how to combine ingredients for a stunningly beautiful look, while also helping protect the natural nail. The result is GelStar, one of the most important nail innovations in recent years.


Today, women care about health and beauty. Meeting both these goals is the future of nail fashion. SNS has taken the lead with our Gelous Dipping Powders and GelStar. Watch as we continue to lead the industry with innovative products of unequalled quality.

For consumers, salon owners and distributors, SNS continues to be the first name in nail beauty.